Okay, Arin Hanson, Jon Jafari and Danny Avidan have jam packed my life with hysterical comedy, with help from Barry, Ross, Suzy, Holly, and Kevin.
  1. Battle Kid Fortress of Peril: FINALE
    What isn't funny about Arin creating improv stories in order to help him defeat an evil purple flower monster?!
  2. Gubble
    Yet another episode of Arin spouting bullshit, and Danny having none of it. Still perfect.
  3. Play with the Tellytubbies
    All this tension, laughter, and all around hysteria, leading up the the fateful moment where Arin hangs himself. Amazing.
  4. Amazing Frog?
    "Gimme that crown!" "No! It's my crown, back off you son of a bitch!" One of my favorite episodes, never ceases to make me laugh.
  5. Sonic Adventure DX: Nibble and Run - PART 46
    Oh my hot damn. I must've laughed harder than anything else ever. Possible my favorite ever. I'm in love with Arin Rage and Danny laughter.