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Because—admit it—it's a niche market...
  1. Love of the Barefoot Contessa
    The pomp, wealth, envy gardens, and "how easy is that?"-type recipes are all prevalent.
  2. A smidge of interest in county living
    Who doesn't love goats?!
  3. You must not just tolerate, but thrive on delightfully awful production quality
    Because it's bad, folks. It's so bad.
  4. Pot
    Optional, but recommended...
  1. Leopard and Loeb: A blog for people interested in fashion and serial murder
    We exist
  2. EscarGoat: a new Stephanie Izard restaurant
    Emphasizing snails and other buggy cuisines
  3. Go For The Large: A safari plugin that remembers body measurements and inputs them into the brand's sizing
    So when clothes shopping I can see how clothes actually look on my lumpy body so that I don't have to go to the store and try it on because sales people give me anxiety
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5 days normal: 2 non-consecutive 500-calorie fast days
  1. Day 1 (a 5 day): "This is fantastic! I can do this diet! I even had two glasses of wine and am *under* calories. I'm going to be a twig."
  2. Day 2 (a 2 day): *waking up* "Ok this is fine. I feel fine."
  3. Day 2 (a 2 day): *20 minutes later* "I can get my iced coffee unsweetened! It tastes good! This is easy!"
5 more...
  1. It's the 4 year anniversary of when I was raped
  2. I'm lucky enough to have had a friend who I could go cry to, instead of going home alone
  3. I took a final exam
    Don't remember my grade. Could not have been great.
  4. My graduation gown arrived that day
  1. Because how could I not?
  2. Because this happens to me almost daily and I still am not sure I know what stocks are anyway so can I please just keep the 10,000th picture of my dogs instead? Please, Apple? Can I?
  3. Because someone at Wunderground came to work hungover that day hoping no one would notice.
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Writing this list tops my list of most hipster things I hate myself for
  1. Absolutely Normal Chaos
    Young Adult book that sticks out vividly to me as the first (non-picture) book I read more than once.
  2. Harry Potter and...
    All of them. A lot of times.
  3. Ethan Frome
    Because I like my bouts of depression to be validated, but brief.
  4. Girl on the Train
    IDK why.
This was an exercise in learning that I'm kind of a dick.
  1. Passive aggressively telling the boyfriend to put the fucking condiments away
    But simultaneously loving my own kitschy kitchen art
  2. This pose makes my dog a better philosopher than I'll ever be
  3. How to parent, train station edition
  4. Convincing someone they found the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket of beer (previously: exploiting drunk friends)