1. Leopard and Loeb: A blog for people interested in fashion and serial murder
    We exist
  2. EscarGoat: a new Stephanie Izard restaurant
    Emphasizing snails and other buggy cuisines
  3. Go For The Large: A safari plugin that remembers body measurements and inputs them into the brand's sizing
    So when clothes shopping I can see how clothes actually look on my lumpy body so that I don't have to go to the store and try it on because sales people give me anxiety
  4. Noise-*preventing* headphones that are really just earmuffs that say "Don't Fucking Talk To Me"
    Sometimes I don't want to listen to music; I just don't want you to talk to me.
  5. Smashing Beatles: A duo dressed like Jamie and Tyrion Lannister singing Smashing Pumpkins lyrics to Beatles tunes while they air footage of the Lannister's weird cousin smash beetles in the background
    (No one will understand this reference and I'm sorry, but for the two of us out there — this would rule)
  6. Appropriately sized dog shit bags that are relative to the size of the dog so we stop wasting so much plastic on the chihuahuas
    ...and stop getting palmfuls of shit from the German Shepherds and other massive dogs.