Because I simply can't adult. Yes, adult is being used as a verb here.
  1. Making my bed.
    Technically I do make my just so happens to be when I'm going to bed!
  2. Flossing.
    But I mean really, who does this?
  3. Folding fitted sheets.
    I KNOW how to do it and I STILL fail.
  4. Remembering when to take out the trash.
  5. Watering my plants.
    "You had one job, cactus! And that was to survive." Oops
  6. Checking my emails.
    You might just wanna text/call.
  7. Going to bed on time.
    This is mostly due to the fact that my brain just thinks too damn much.
  8. Eating breakfast.
    By the time I get round' to it, it's lunch time!
  9. Taking my vitamins and allergy pills.
    Sorry to whoever witnesses me having an allergic reaction. Again, sorry.
  10. Remembering the things I had to do today.
    I always feel like there is something I'm missing that I had to do. Oops.