November is National Novel Writing Month and I'm embarking on a journey that's been a long time coming. A memoir of my life so far; stories from my point of view. Here are a few Chapter title ideas to give you a glimpse...
  1. First Christmas Fiasco
  2. Hospital Living
  3. Turtle Confussion
  4. Where's My Apple?
  5. Shark in the Lake
  6. Stolen Bike
  7. On the Rocks
  8. "That's Our Plane, Mom!"
  9. New York Lights
  10. Speako Inglés
  11. Let's Punch (not the drink)
  12. Pizza Worker Crush
  13. Mexican Gangs
  14. Charlie's Angels + Powerpuff Girls
  15. No Eyebrow.
  16. Yale Bound
  17. Dating
    This Chapter title would be crossed out, but still called Dating
  18. Kenny & my Toenails
  19. Back That Car Up
  20. Godio 11804
    I hope the people who's chapter this is about NEVER read this.
  21. Ich Liebe....something
  22. Fish, Taxis, & Depression
  23. Dance Like it's 1999
  24. The "Bad" Years According to Mama
  25. Love at Not so First Sight
  26. Accidentally a Cheater
  27. 21 Ways to Not Turn 21
  28. Homeless with a Pizza & Other Blessings
  29. I possibly skipped important stuff + bouquets.
  30. "But I'm from the North!"
  31. My Printer Makes Odd Noises
  32. Am I Psychic or is this Jesus?
  33. I've Got the bread, I've got the power.