Inspired by @bjnovak // I realize he wrote it first, but I want to see pictures too! :) Re-list away.
  1. Her. Always.
  2. My littlest munchkin. Not form today, but from Saturday!
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey
  3. Old burial ground in Harvard Sq. ⚰⛪️
    Suggested by   @minabird
  4. I took the one on the right. (Bought actually. I'm no thief.)
    Suggested by   @WhelmedDad
  5. My two month old is wearing a 9 month size onesie. He had his 2 month well check yesterday and he weighed 15 pounds (95th percentile). Hoss.
    Suggested by   @jenward
  6. The Monkey and Aunt @sally
    These two were very much enjoying the slide. One of them pooped their pants right after this picture was taken. You can wonder who was whom.
    Suggested by   @donnie
  7. This one. Me and my middle daughter.
    Suggested by   @schmom