1. It was Thanksgiving time.
  2. We got together on a beautiful cool day.
  3. We all brought delicious sides.
  4. We all brought delicious desserts.
  5. Mingling, talking, drinking apple cider.
  6. We're all waiting for the turkey to arrive to properly eat the meal.
  7. I mean, you apparently gotta have turkey.
  8. Then it finally arrives.
  9. He's holding the platter above his head.
  10. We're all excited.
  11. The he lowers it, excited, anticipating the look on everyone's face.
  12. We get a glimpse of the feast...
  13. Except, its hairy.
  14. It's tiny....
  15. It meatless...
  16. It's been roasted over a fire.
  17. Its, holy cow, it's a cat!!
  18. We're all dead silent
  19. I couldn't even...
  20. Was he serious?
  21. A cat can't feed 75 people!
  22. Then, behind him, we see more platters being carried out.
  23. These look promising.