1. Turn off The Good Wife
    I'm on hour 4. I have a friend on the way. The Good Wife is not my friend.
  2. Take out the trash
    Both visible bags of garbage should probably go. Noting there are two; let's all assume this is easily one of my least favorite things to do.
  3. Pick up the tiny pieces of trash on my floor that I always just let slide.
    I mean it takes little to Zero effort to throw away a gum wrapper but damn if I won't walk past it 30 times a day and continue to do nothing. She's gonna think I'm a monster!
  4. Take a shower
    Lololololo it's Sunday
  5. Take all my clothes currently on ground and throw into closet.
    In fact...just throw everything into closer. Gum wrappers. Garbage. All of it.
  6. Come up with clever and believable story for why apartment is full of live raccoons.
    Nobody just accepts a residence full of raccoons without a question or two. Get in front of it.