1. Netflix. Endless Netflix.
    Bloodine? More like LoneLine. Shut up I nailed it.
  2. Easy access to a liquor store. It is right across the street!
  3. A dog that thinks I'm pretty neat.
    She lives in Texas. She's very old. But she's still pretty neat!
  4. 4-5 new podcasts to listen to
    I don't need a second person to listen to a podcast. Jts a solo job.
  5. A refrigerator full of food
    I'll probably have to throw some of it away even it is that much food.
  6. Parents who raised me correctly
    And THEY love me
  7. This kickass new pair of sunglasses
    Game changers.
  8. And finally this stellar advice from Tony romo
    "Everyday is a new day to turn it all around."