10 Stunning Murals by the Artist HENSE

Atlanta based artist Alex Brewer, known as HENSE, started tagging the streets of ATL when he was a kid. Now, cities all over the world are asking him to paint their street corners instead of arresting him for it 👏🏻. He is my favorite contemporary artist and an all around gem. Check out these beauties.
  1. Public project | Cologne, GER
  2. Richmond, VA
  3. South Broad St | Atlanta, GA
  4. Grain silos | Northam, AUS
  5. Apple collaboration | Miami, FL
  6. This was the result
  7. Friendship Baptist Church | Washington DC
  8. Front of the church
  9. Library Street Collective | Detroit, MI
  10. Lima, Peru
  11. Public commission | Atlanta, GA
  12. Commissioned installation, PRPL Digital Creative Agency | Orlando, FL