A Life Observed: Raging RBF

Do you or someone you know suffer from severe RBF? You're not alone.
  1. Infant RBF
    What are smiles
  2. Pool RBF
    I'd rather drown than wear this
  3. Christmas recital RBF
    Halos are for the innocent
  4. Someone else's birthday RBF
    Judging your 1 wish
  5. Snow day RBF
    Say cheese? How bout a face full of snow, mom
  6. Kindergarten graduation RBF
    My reading level is too advanced for this
  7. Tomboy RBF
    Come at me bro
  8. Middle school subtle RBF
    Plotting something terrible tbh
  9. Christmas Eve RBF
    Riveted by the contents of this envelope
  10. Road trip RBF
    Excitement for Disney: the happiest place on earth
  11. Museum RBF
    Fake smiles for Monet — I'm a terrible human
  12. Bro-Sis RBF
    Runs in the fam
  13. Learned to smile mid-twenties
    Still working on it