Beautiful Starlets Washing Their Faces

  1. DIRECTOR: Looking great, Mischa Barton. So beachy and fresh. I love it. So just wash your face like you're at home.
    DIRECTOR: Excellent. Excellent. So, let's try it with 90% less water on this next take.
  2. DIRECTOR: Kristen Bell! America's sweetheart! Move over, Reese, amirite? Regular, everyday face washing in 5, 4, 3, 2...
    DIRECTOR: Let's dial back the splash a smidge, but you're literally perfection other than everything about what you just did.
  3. DIRECTOR: What would the early 2000s have been like without you, Kristin Kreuk?
    DIRECTOR: That was actually really solid. Let's shoot another while we have you.
  4. DIRECTOR: Ok, so let's go back to the first way. The one with less water.
  5. DIRECTOR: Gabrielle Union, what a get. You're too good for us! Wash that beautiful face.
    DIRECTOR: Perfect. Let's get 50 more takes, then lunch. Less water, but everything else is perfect.
  6. DIRECTOR: Bella Thorne. Wash your face like only the It Girl can.
    DIRECTOR: Ok. So, let's get a water extractor in here ASAP and $300,000 to replace these cameras. Then we're golden. You're killing it, Bella.
  7. DIRECTOR: Show us how it's done, Jennifer Love Hewitt.
    DIRECTOR: So good. Someone grab that 60 foot blowdryer from hair and makeup, but also so. so. good, Jen.
  8. DIRECTOR: Hayden Panettiere, you were born for this.
    DIRECTOR: Someone show her how to wash a face, but otherwise awesome. Keep it up.
  9. DIRECTOR: Julie Bowen, you're an MVP. I know it.
    DIRECTOR: K. Someone get her some towels and do a face wash demo. Like, just a quick one. She's got this in her, I can tell.
  10. DIRECTOR: You're so fun, Vanessa Hudgens. I love it. So, just wash your face like you do every day.
    DIRECTOR: *flips table*