It's fine. This is normal for me.
  1. Overwhelmed with work cry.
    Nothing a bubble bath can't fix.
  2. Missing a long distance friend cry.
    Nothing FaceTime can't temporarily slap a bandaid on.
  3. Dad is disappointed cry.
    Sorry I'm like this, everyone.
  4. Fight with your bff cry.
    UGHHH. My best friend and I hold opposite views on the following: politics, faith, and fav Kardashian sister. Both of us are better for having a dearly loved, real life person representing what some would consider the enemy's philosophy. I have no hate in my heart for people who disagree with me, nor do I instantly assume someone is unintelligent. I only ask for logical discussion. We're getting there. But there are actual TEARS.
  5. Trapped cry.
    Guys, guys, guys. Sometimes I cry when I feel locked into plans that I don't want to feel locked into. I just want the option of not doing the thing, even if I intend to do the thing. See "noncommittal asshole" for further clarification.
  6. Peter Berg movie closing credits montage of fallen U.S. heroes cry.
    The home video footage of their wedding days — I'm actually not ok. For-real, for-real I'm sobbing in the theater. Nothing will ever be ok again. But then it is. 💗💗💗💗💗💗