Dear Steve, thank you for this question. I don't go to clubs often, but I do have impeccable taste, which makes up for any deficiencies in all areas of life #STAYHUMBLE
  1. First, you need to know what type of establishment you're going to. Is there a dress code? If collared shirts and dress shoes are required: Classic over trendy for liiiiiife.
  2. I personally like a simple, button down oxford (tuck your damn shirt in) paired with classic chinos or dark denim (fitted jeans, never tight). Faded, worn denim is cool for daytime shenanigans, but a darker wash looks dressier for an evening look without trying too hard.
  3. If you want to wear a jacket, layer with a casual blazer — maybe roll up the sleeves if you're feeling sassy.
  4. You can pull off lighter colors on top into fall, especially with dark pants. I don't love a guy in all black everything. Navys/Caramels/Browns are always sharp.
  5. Avoid "statement" shirts. Statement shirts include, but are not limited to: super bold patterns, any type of bedazzlement/embellishment, shiny material, etc... Nothing sets off my douchebag detector faster.
  6. Avoid pointy shoes
  7. Avoid over-accessorizing
    I love a guy in a nice watch. That's all he needs.
  8. Avoid wet looking gel hair
  9. I personally don't love full-on suits at a club. If feels extra straight-from-the-office, and unbuttoning the first five buttons of a dress shirt doesn't make it cool or sexy.
  10. Honestly, wear whatever you want. I know nothing. There are no rules. Anyone with distinct style stands out, no matter what style it is.
  11. Mostly just be nice and cool and non-threatening, which makes you hotter than 80% of guys.
  12. BEHAVE YOURSELF, STEPHEN. P.S. I burned all your fedoras too. Oops.