Do Angels Live Among Us?

I don't know, LET'S LOOK AT ELIJAH WOOD and discuss.
  1. The architecture of this odd, beautiful face tells me the answer is yes, my friends.
  2. 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼
  3. Honestly, square-cropping this photo right now is the only time I've been star struck.
  4. I bet he drinks Irish breakfast tea bc he's the type to be cute like that.
  5. Watch as he wears this blue crushed velvet blazer and KILLS IT wow
  6. I'm not even mad that he's a DJ
    What monster have I become
  7. Wut is this
  8. But he's not attractive enough to intimidate us
    Honestly so considerate, just like an ANGEL
  9. Please give me advice on things, cardiganed-Elijah
  10. Watch...
  11. as this small...
  12. small man...
  13. grows a ft. taller on charisma and charm and kindness alone
  14. Sneakily hotter than all your favs
  15. Apologies to my family and friends for writing this list.