Look, I still have room for growth.
  1. When you want to be the one who only listens to cool indie music but you're more the listens-to-some-indie-music-and-also-Katy Perry-and-also-the-Newsies-soundtrack-type
  2. When you want to be the one confidently shouting medical instructions in a crisis, but you're more the covertly-dips-out-the-back-door-self-preservation-in-a-crisis type.
  3. When you want to be the "I don't own a TV" person but you're more the everyone-come-over-to-my-apartment-for-Bachelorette-and-cheap-wine-type
  4. When you want to be the cool and mysterious brunette but you're more the wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve-cry-when-I-think-you're-mad-at-me-blond-type
  5. When you want to be badass but you're more the take-me-to-the-zoo type
  6. When you want to be the "Taylor Swift is the worst" type but you're more the buy-all-of-her-albums-and-blast-them-on-repeat-but-totes-understand-how-she-annoys-your-friends type
  7. Giphy