Dear universe, I humbly ask for the following.
  1. Formal request for curling iron burns on my neck to look less like hickeys
  2. Formal request for me to stop wondering if every Flo Rida song I hear is the worst thing or the best thing
  3. Formal request for the man who watched me slowly scrape the side of my car against a concrete pillar in the Target parking garage to stop laughing
  4. Formal request to bring back sweater vests
  5. Formal request for my brothers to stop screaming at me during board games I am a delicate flower
  6. Formal request for all of us to acknowledge how flawless Hilary Duff is at least once a week why isn't this talked about more
  7. Formal request for my mom to stop asking if I'm wearing "a sports bra with that shirt?!" when I should be wearing a real bra
  8. Formal request for life to be less confusing
  9. Formal request for everyone I care about and want to talk to and want to look at and want to laugh with to be in the same place at the same time
  10. Formal request for scientific studies to ensure that we all see colors the same way I just need to know that my blue is your blue