1. How To Be 100% Irrational and 100% Logical Simultaneously
  2. How To Buy Dry Clean Only Garments Then Ruin Them In The Wash Immediately
  3. How To Hide Your Intelligence From Boyz™ Until The Age Of 25
    0/0 would recommend
  4. How To Make Your Mother Yell "What is this FILTH?" When Watching Mildly Trashy TV
    Tune in to Kelly Family Thanksgiving when my brothers and I will be yelling "FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILTH!!!" at each other all day.
  5. How To Fall In Like
  6. How To Aggressively Elbow Your Way Into Li.st 6 Months Ago And Act Like You've Been Here Since Beta
    Still workshopping this one tbh nothing to see here, everyone
  7. How To Nip Potentially Healthy Relationships Of Both Platonic and Romantic Varieties In The Bud Due To Fear Of Intimacy
    For demonstration purposes, watch me delete this list item in 5,4,3,2...
  8. How To Get Secondhand Embarrassed Looking At Engagement Photos Of Cute Happy Couples That Don't Deserve Your Skepticism
  9. How To Grow Up With Parents That Whooped Your ASS And Thank Them For It Later
    Honestly, I would be even more of a monster; 10/10 deserved it
  10. How To Bottle Up Your Actual Feelings Forever And Replace Them With The Ones You've Deemed More Socially Acceptable
    Lolz @ life
  11. How To Wear Britney Spears Perfume And Feel Great About It
  12. How To Be Very Introverted And Very Extroverted Always
  13. How To Take Over The World Through Tricking Your Enemies Into Loving You: Kindness is Key
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