If You Came To Raleigh, This Is What I'd Feed You

My beloved home state of North Carolina is getting lots of attention for controversial things, so I've compiled a list of objectively wonderful things in my city. It's mostly biscuits, you guys.
  1. Coffee at Morning Times
  2. Beasley's chicken and waffles.
  3. And while we're at Beasley's, the chicken biscuit.
  4. And more biscuits at Big Ed's, but we're mostly going there for the grits.
  5. Brunch at Capital Club where you can eat this.
  6. Or this...
  8. Then dinz at Gringo's where your mouth tastes this - I'll make sure we order the pickled veggie tray to pile on our tacos
  9. Then more chicken biscuits with a side of dirty rice (not pictured but trust my judgment) at Bojangles before you leave town.
  10. Or you can just stay for Raleigh Times Bar and then leave later.
  11. We have lots of things other than biscuits, but that's not my current aesthetic.
  12. 💜xo