1. Parked motorcycles and other short vehicles masquerading as open parking spots
    peace and love
  2. Shows you have to turn the volume up to 80 to hear dialogue, then the action scenes abruptly destroy your ear drums
    you the real MVP
  3. Non-profit mailing lists with no unsubscribe option
    the Hotel Californias of life, I was feelin warm and fuzzy when I checked in now I can never leave MAD RESPECT you playin the game
  4. Mascara face
    keep me humble keep me grounded keep me lookin stupid as hell
  5. I before E except after C
    straight killin it despite beige and vein and foreign and other words and this is a fake rule but ooh kill em
  6. Kids on leashes
    werk👏🏻 werk👏🏻 werk👏🏻 werk👏🏻 Also, very sorry about your situation. Keep me posted on all the negative effects that surface in your teen years.