1. Ow ow ow so hot be brave be strong it hurts
  2. There's a camera somewhere in this bathroom I know it
  3. Thank God nobody can hear me blasting this Hailee Steinfeld song
  4. The guy watching me on the camera knows
  5. Great
  6. He'll think I'm lame
  7. But isn't HE lame for the unauthorized installation of a camera in a private dwelling
  8. To-do: get a lawyer
  9. I bet my Grandma hates me
  10. I wonder if the American experiment is over
  11. It's weird how we're all walking around suspended by gravity on a floating planet and we just invented stuff and built societies like did someone just decide we were doing that and everyone was on board
  12. What is life even
  13. Is Gary Busey ok
  14. To do: pick up some of those thin pretzels