Savoring my last day of a weeklong staycation.
  1. Did not climb out of this bed until 11am
  2. My pillows have lips sorry I'm not perfect ok
  3. Finished The Assistants
    Excellent premise. So-so execution. Would recommend solely for the consistency of laugh out loud scenarios.
  4. Walked to my coffee spot through my favorite neighborhood
  5. I live "inside the beltline" amidst the snooty old money of Raleigh in a shoebox apartment, for I am but a pauper.
  6. A beggar
  7. A noble beggar
  8. Guys, I'm feeling dramatic
    They're actually very nice people 💗
  9. I slink out of my building and walk through this pastel wonderland.
  10. They think mansions are tacky. I admit that I also prefer the cozy charm of this place.
  11. They go all out for holidays. In a month or two it will look like this.
  12. And at Christmas it's a sugarplum fairy dreamland.
  13. Came home and finished these sweet treat commissions, even though I said I wasn't going to work.
  14. Then more work, even though I said I wasn't going to. I manage a team of 20 tutors, so I assess their work and write fun notes like "even though sixth grade Jimmy is a nightmare, you should steer clear of things like suggesting Adderall. This might upset his parents."
    (They were understandably pissed)
  15. I work from this antique desk I painted green, which my mother is still low key horrified about. I think it's a tasteful green.
  16. Finished season 1 of Gilmore Girls. I'm trying to rewatch all 7 seasons before the new Netflix special in November, but I'll probably quit halfway through. AS I DO.
  17. Now I'm going to drive 30 minutes to my parents' house for Sunday family dinner. We're so cheeseball.
  18. Cheers to summer Sundays