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Typical suburban family??? Ha!!! not Hardly. 😈😈Disclaimer.. this story is completely one sided.!!!😎😎
  1. Meet Shawnna
    Normal girl, works hard, loves her family. Gives all shes got.
  2. Meet..eh...The Devil
    Relies on his good looks to get what he wants Never works; good for nothing bum.
  3. Meet the trifling hussie
    Prolly not her, but you get the idea
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I can't steal list titles by longpressing so this list is inspired by every one that i saw 😆
  1. Bagger at grocery store
    Yea. Hired only for Thanksgivng week; however they neglected to tell me that. Or maybe cuz i dropped a dozen eggs? In either case who knows, when i was old enough to shop for myself, i never used that store.
  2. Taco Hell-I mean Bell.
    Worked here for a few years, thought i was banking making $7.00/hr. HA!!! I was a manager for a short time, meaning they would ask me to close stores in the worst possible areas. I Mean really? Aint nobody trying to work fast food in Gary, IN. Google it. The crime stats alone will scare ya. Dueces✌
  3. Pizza Maker
    By far the funnest Job i had. It was old school, so I really did get to toss pizza dough in the air. Never dropped a single pie! It just didnt pay enough after i had my daughter.
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  1. Start a stupid fight while i am at work.
  2. Run to your mommys before i get home from work.
  3. Text me and tell me your upset you left.
  4. yeah....not trying to hear that. Deuces!✌
im really sorry it's late...however..my house has been ridiculously busy lately❤❤
  1. Ceasar
    The most loveable of the bunch. He loves to keep me company.not and although he is still the smallest. He's a BEAST!! The little guy stands up to anyone!! But mostly the cat tree..I think he thinks it's real😁
  2. Juno
    The 'priss' AND as we have discovered...the only female. And my sweetheart❤ i jusssss love her❤❤❤
  3. Phoebe -
    Er....uhhh...It's a boy!!! And his new name will be....um....im still calling him Phoebe❤
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I love karaoke...really i do....but tonight...its different...why?
  1. Im not out with my person @holly70 .😔😔😔
  2. But...im with my hubby...i took a picture..
    Yes...I am well aware hes Sexy like chippendale!
  3. BITCHES.. be THIRSTY!!!!
  4. That's ok....hes coming home with me!
Planned carefully to the T..or.......not so.much.
  1. Rise and Shine!!!
    Get up for work in the morning....before the alarm goes off...this is gonna be a great day...ive been waiting for weekend since monday!
  2. Yay!!! Made it to work on time!!
    Even had a few minutes to spare. It's looking to be a great day....an even better night....I cant even wait!!
  3. Date Nite...what I think we will do..
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Election Year! Time to choose the lesser of two Evils...er....best candidate,.
  1. Cutting my own Hair with a Flowbee and a broken Mirror.
  2. A one night stand with Charlie Sheen
  3. Leaving my child with the Stephen King Clown.
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I am about to get very personal and it scares me to death. To actually see this list...gives me chills. it's been my life for the last 3 years. when I discovered the awful truth. Addiction 1 - Me 0 The constant struggle of loving an addict.
  1. Every day is exhausting for the family of an addict. Every day is another day you wake up and think..- is today the day? Will he get help? Or will the addiction win?
  2. I am here.....do you even see the real me?
    Of course I do. You are the Never-ending cash-flow, I see you when I need you. I steal your cash, a little every day..i lie about it. I take your perscribed medication and cast the blame in any direction but my own. Why do I have to tell you where my money goes. You're such a control freak. I will spin every scenario to ensure you feel as though you are going crazy. All I see is the means to get what I need to feed my addiction. You are the perfect Patsy.
  3. I am upset and overwhelmed.....don't you care?
    No, God yer so selfish. Why can't you just leave me alone for awhile. Your always bothered by something. I get high to drown you out. It has nothing to do with my mother who introduced me to crack when I was 16.
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Watching the news is depressing...seriously depressing...i need a daily dose of Paxil before watching. 😉 when I talk about it with my son..it affects him in a profound way and usually I don't have words of comfort for him. So I share my love of music with him....please. add suggestions!
    "Something's wrong with the world today, I don't know what it is...theres something wrong with our eyes.... https://g.co/kgs/ja0yng
    "When you TRUST your television, what you get is what you got, cuz when they own the information, the can bend it all they want. https://g.co/kgs/rVyOWF
as if my husband doesnt piss me off enough.
  1. I bought a convertible..yay! Midlife crisis!
    This isn't my car but mine looks like it .
  2. My husbamd asks to go for a ride..yay..lets go!
    I thought it would be cool..we arent too far from Lake Michigan.. im sure it will be great!
  3. We end up at his mothers!
    Are you kidding me...i hate his mother!!!
  4. Piss off!