🐺🐺❤❤Kitty UPDATE-6 WEEKS 🐺🐺❤❤

im really sorry it's late...however..my house has been ridiculously busy lately❤❤
  1. Ceasar
    The most loveable of the bunch. He loves to keep me company.not and although he is still the smallest. He's a BEAST!! The little guy stands up to anyone!! But mostly the cat tree..I think he thinks it's real😁
  2. Juno
    The 'priss' AND as we have discovered...the only female. And my sweetheart❤ i jusssss love her❤❤❤
  3. Phoebe -
    Er....uhhh...It's a boy!!! And his new name will be....um....im still calling him Phoebe❤
  4. Hoss
    The big boy...hes so sweet...he attacks my calves in the morning when im getting up for work...its either play time or hes hungry....probably hungry🐺❤
  5. And only cuz i think they are totally adorable...
    Juno and Phoebe playing.