iI dont even know what to call this list..but it happened today. This message staryed it off from a fb friend:
  1. Her: I'm starting a cake business ( i picked up cake decorating as a hobby and it really took off) and out of respect for you. I wanted to let you know.
    Me: Oh great! Thats fine, I'm slowing down and only taking special occasion cakes anyway (ie wedding..etc)
  2. Her: Thanks
  3. Me: I will probably start selling off alot of equipment should you need anything. And just so you know....its alot of work! Especially on your own trying to get your name out. If you need any tips or pointers...let me know.
  4. Wait for it...
  5. Wait for it...
  6. Her: can you teach me how to decorate a cake?
  7. 😦 Really?????? WTF????
  8. Static