the funny and no so funny things i have brought upon myself...
  1. My middle child michael
    Me: when you coming home? Him: why dont you go die? Me: Seriously...when will be home? him: Seriously, why arent you dead yet??
  2. My oldest....Amber
    Her: im exploring ... Me: huh? Her: just what i said. Me: like an expedition? We go pick up her date. jami I can handle this. Her: were getting august.. Me: are you trying ro give me a coronary????? She giggles. Then she tells me shes movong to Texas. MY heart wont stop aching. she is leaving june 3rd. My baby. My best friend. My rock. My inspiration.
  3. From my baby Jason.
    i love you mommy.....hmmmmm❤❤❤❤ He would tell me this all thw time when he was young. Its not hip now that hes gonna be 20 years old
  4. To be continued
    Ill add more later...kind of a peek into my relationships with my children.