Guests and contributors on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that, if I’m in ear shot of the TV, I recognize solely by their voice.
  1. Harold Ford Jr.
    A smokey mix of Southern and money.
  2. Robert Gibbs
    Relieved not to be taking questions he doesn’t HAVE to any longer.
  3. Katty Kay
    My sister from a British Mister.
  4. Jonathan Capehart
    Kid has style to GO, you can hear he’s on fleek.
  5. Steve Rattner
    Always sounds like the regret of saying “yes” to the booking in the first place.
  6. Eugene Robinson
    A mix of looking for the right word and exasperation.
  7. Jon Meacham
    Sounds like a Social Studies teacher, if teaching Social Studies on TV were a thing.
  8. Jeffrey Sachs
    Ready to take Joe Scarborough out back to beat the holy shit out of him.
  9. Mark Halperin
  10. David Corn
    His lisp and ultra-left wing spin are as hard to miss as Yosemite Sam.