I used to be a prepared girls when it comes to showbiz hahaha.. I always made a list for song when we gonna karaoke songs but mostly I forget to sing it or it doesnt exist in the karaoke machine, dang. So here is the list....
  1. @john song's
    Since I was his big big fan, his song absolutely have to be #1 in the list.. So glad theres only 10 of his over 1000s songs in the machine. Dang.
  2. Katy Perry's self estime song's
    I just fave of Fireworks. Its goood to sings it loud out until you broke your voice ( I mean I couldnt reach the tune)
  3. Rockstar band songs
    The song I found in the most played menu
  4. New release song
    But not always new
  5. Other language song
    Def my sister fave songs coz she is a big big Kpop girls