This is a brief sampling of things I don't like about arguably the worst human and definitely worst candidate or republican ever.
  1. His tone
  2. His mispronunciation of words
  3. His face
  4. His disposition on non-white non-Christian non-Americans
  5. His belief that a million dollars was a small loan
  6. That he squandered his family's fortune
  7. His treatment of woman
  8. His comments on Mexicans and Muslims
  9. His hair
  10. His steaks, vodka, wine, ties, online "university", casinos and other failed ventures
  11. His dishonesty
  12. His disrespectful disposition
  13. His policies. Actually, I nor anyone knows what those are. Maybe their good. Not.
  14. His tweets. Bad.
  15. His children. Douche bags with Jersey sauce dripping from their you know what's.
  16. His campaign
  17. His VP choice
  18. Sarah Palin. Just because
  19. His lack of knowledge
  20. His lack of prudence
  21. His lack of honesty
  22. His lack of regard for truth
  23. His enthusiasts. Don't know any but seen a few on the TV. May be actors. I'd say paid but he's broke.
  24. His ripped off slogan. And Americas still pretty great.
  25. His skin color. I'm not racist but I discriminate against barbecue finger orange.
  26. His buildings. That's as big and tacky as he can make them. Barely gaudy at all.
  27. I'll add several hundred more, but I basically dislike everything about him as a failed human