More crazy moments while reading to my two year old
  1. When I grow up
    I want to be a US Congressman — said no kid ever. Other occupations included Ice Cream Maker, Rocket Scientist, Quarterback ... I would love to meet the kid who picks US Congressman OR WOMAN 💁🏼
  2. Clifford
    This is why the Washington Monument was closed for repairs the last time I visited DC.
  3. I am a stranger here myself.
  4. Henry favorite 1
    He tries to stand on my thumb and then I try to stand on his.
  5. Henry favorite 2
    He always points to the awake dog and thinks it is super funny.
  6. Henry favorite
    The Jungle Book -Both scary and funny.
  7. Clifford huffs glue
  8. Mr. Putter & Tabby
  9. This took me entirely too long to figure out.
    Neither Tuv nor Tuw are words. Ohhhh