Most Underrated Actors & Actresses

These actors and actresses bring their "A" game to everything they star in and make the movie better for it. Time to show some respect.
  1. Barry Pepper
    No one can go from cold-blooded killer to blubbering mess as cooly as Barry. Don't believe me? Go watch "The Green Mile" and circle back.
  2. David Morse
    This man does quiet intensity like no one can. He elevates everything he's in. Even some of the admitted stinkers.
  3. Will Patton
    Don't let that southern charm fool you. Will also brings the intensity. He can range from the good-guy neighbor to the quiet psycho next door.
  4. Judy Greer
    Don't know who she is? Have you been living under a rock for the last 10+ years? She's been in just about every other movie or TV show out there. And she rocks those (usually) supporting roles. Give this woman her own starring roles already!