Usually these things pop up in my bad dreams, but not always.
  1. Bears
    I love bears. They're seriously one of my favorite animals. But they are always trying to kill me in my dreams. Why don't you like me bears?
  2. Tornadoes
    I went to college to become a meteorologist. That didn't work out because of the maths. I'm still a weather geek at heart, though. I have a respect for the awesomeness and destructive power tornadoes in particular possess. Unfortunately, they're often trying to destroy me/my loved ones in my dreams.
  3. Rats
    Okay, rats get a bad rap. I know that. My brother and his ex used to have a couple as pets and they were cute and sweet. I even included a cute picture of rats here so I wouldn't freak myself out. The rats of my dreams (nightmares, really) are NOT cute and cuddly. They are swarming, invasive little monsters hell-bent on attacking and biting me.