Things people do that frustrate or infuriate me
  1. ... are late for EVERYTHING!!! If it's once in awhile ... Ok .. But every time??? It's them saying the agreement we made on time was ok, but you don't matter enough for me to keep it ... And late for work... Everyday??? Really?
  2. ... try and sound smarter because they are on TV or radio.. If you don't know how to say the word or use it in proper context, you actually sound less intelligent
  3. ... move, rub, brush, fidget with , touch, slide STYROFOAM!!!! I hate that stuff
  4. ... Get upset about spoilers on Facebook or other SM. It's what it's for .. If you don't want to get spoiled , don't log into Facebook .. It's on YOU ! Not your 400 friends
  5. Mispronounce Jaguars .... There is no damn "i"
  6. ... wear flip flops when "dressing up" nice, classy clothes are wasted when worn with flip flops .. Men ---> NEVER !!! never
  7. Become Yankee fans after they win the World Series