inspired by rush hour traffic in Louisville, KY
  1. people who don't use their goddamn turn signal
  2. moms with the stick figure stickers of their family+pets
    disclaimer: I only hate the mom and cats--kids and dogs okay
  3. guys who drive camaro GTs with racing stripes
    yes we get it you have a mind-numbingly shitty personality
  4. people who brake repeatedly on a highway for no reason
  5. people who honk at me when I'm confused and/or lost
    I'm new here ok
  6. people who drive their lawnmowers on the road bc guess what IT IS NOT A CAR
    maybe this only happens in Kentucky
  7. when I just washed my car (read: drove through a car wash) then get stuck behind a coal truck and my car gets all the coal dust on it
    this makes me hate everybody without discrimination
  8. people who shamelessly litter OR THROW CIGARETTE BUTTS OUT THE WINDOW
    I'll never understand why it's so difficult to simply throw your shit in a garbage can once you get wherever you're going
  9. people in the right lane who are driving slow enough that you wanna pass them but when you switch lanes they speed up so you can't get ahead of them without flooring it but then slow down again as soon as you're behind them
  10. gonna cap it there bc thinking about #9 got me really angsty