ATTN Greeks//brought to you by a former social chair
  1. Opium Dens & Happy Ends
  2. Sweatpants & Viagra
    (optional & Lesbians)
  3. #TBT: Dry Humps & Handjobs
  4. Astronauts & Sluts
  5. Twerkers & Marketplace Workers
    Marketplace = freshman caf at Duke; can be changed to fit your needs
  6. Butt Chugs & Synthetic Drugs
    entails showing up at a fraternity section (with whom you don't usually mix) without informing them about the mixer; for best results bring several car loads of vodka
  8. Koolaid & Krat
    if your state doesn't sell Aristocrat, I'm sorry to hear about your undeveloped tolerance to rubbing alcohol
  9. Fireball & Fedoras
  10. Pussy in Boots
    girls--wear boots
  11. Alcohol & Broken Appendages
  12. Makeouts & Moonshine
  13. Drunk Girls & Bubbles