Broadway shows I saw ranked by how much they made me cry

I saw 5 shows on Broadway last week, here's how they rank in order of cried the least to cried the most. It should be understood that there were no shows where I did not cry.
  1. Shuffle Along
    For awhile I thought the show was a bit exposition heavy-strong performances and amazing dancing but not much to punch me in the feels-then Audra McDonald sang her final heart breaking number and was like "Hi, this is why I have 6 Tony's" and then the tears came.
  2. She Loves Me
    Laura Benanti and Jane Krakowski are glorious queens that gave such heart and depth to a light, charming show. They made me cry from both their highs and lows....and also my face hurt from smiling.
  3. Hamilton
    To be fair, Hamilton had already taken all of my tears from numerous listens to the cast recording. But I still cried when Phillip died and at the finale BECAUSE I'M NOT A ROBOT.
  4. Waitress
    I loved this show, music is gorgeous and were it not up against Hamilton it would be winning all the things. Jessie Mueller is wonderful and if you don't cry when she performs "She Used to be Mine" you're probably dead inside.
  5. Eclipsed
    5 women surviving the horrors of the Liberian civil war. After their bows they told us the name of one of the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, Amina Ali, who had just been recovered. Each performance is dedicated to one of those girls. CUE FACE MELTING.