My TV Role Models

The fictional women who've shaped my psyche and the lessons they taught me.
  1. Lucy Ricardo
    There are no lengths too far to go for a laugh. No is only applicable if you don't get caught. Keep dreaming and scheming.
  2. Clarissa Darling
    Don't sweat the small stuff. Outwit the patriarchy (aka Ferguson). Creative problem solving. Embrace your individuality.
  3. Julia Sugarbaker
    The power of a passionate speech. The biggest blows are said with a smile. Stand up for yourself and others. Stubbornness is sexy. Never let your convictions prevent you from correcting your missteps.
  4. Christina Yang
    Be the best at what you love. Don't apologize for your greatness. Don't sacrifice your joy to be someone else's. Friendships can be the loves of your life.
  5. Sabrina Spellman
    Don't underestimate your own powers. There are consequences for relying on easy. The rewards are worth the risk of exposing your secrets to someone you love.
  6. Rose Nylund
    Kindness is a commodity. Never be afraid of looking stupid. Love fully and deeply. Appreciate where you came from.
  7. Leslie Knope
    Do what you love because you love it, not for the glory. Uteruses before duderuses. Never underestimate the power of community. Don't be poisoned by cynicism. Make your own way around obstacles.
  8. Miss Frizzle
    Adventure is everywhere. Take weird as a compliment. Think outside the box. Knowledge is a never ending quest.