Top 10 pictures of my dog

The best part of new social media platforms is it gives me a brand new audience to gush about my puppy to. So, in no particular order, here are the top 10 best photos, currently on my phone, of my Frenchton, Lil Sebastian.
  1. Seal face
    He loves to fall asleep with his head in my hand, I love to play with his smooshy jowls.
  2. Caped crusader
    Probably 7 months old, perfectly posed
  3. Growing pains
    Still a bit blue eyed, ears weren't fully erect yet. Heartbreaker.
  4. Manipulator
    Still holding his favorite toy, trying to avoid going home
    Peeking through my boyfriend's legs when not getting enough attention
  6. Lookout
    Safety patrol, and modeling his short-lived nail caps
  7. Showoff
    He's just feelin himself here!
  8. Puh-leez
    He looks like he's judging me after a bad joke.
  9. 5000 Candles in the Wind
    Dressed as his namesake for Halloween, along with my boyfriend doing an awesome Ron Swanson.
  10. First intro
    Finally, this is the day we met, I drove from Chicago to Knoxville to get him and fell instantly, obsessively in love.