My birthday week in New York shown through stuff I ate (and remembered to photograph)
  1. Static
    This corn was rolled in chili-like mayo and toasted coconut. All corn should be served this way
  2. Static
    Pretty skimpy on the cream cheese.
  3. Static
    Chocolate "beer". A non-alcoholic "beer" that tasted like an unsweetened, dark chocolate La Croix
  4. Static
    The Bea Arthur cone at Big Gay Ice Cream-vanilla soft served covered in dulce de leche and rolled in Nilla Wafer crumbs
  5. Static
    At least 3
  6. Static
  7. Static
    The best short rib I've ever had-fork tender with a crispy sear
  8. Static
    Not pictured: the wildly impractical crunchy cereal milkshake
  9. Static
    Katz part I
  10. Static
    Katz part II (worlds best potato salad not pictured)
  11. Static
    From the complimentary wine and cheese reception at our hotel
  12. Static
    Street halal
  13. Static
    Coffee and strawberry cream croissant
  14. Static
    Drank an iced coffee followed by these oysters and 2 glasses of Champagne before walking the chelsea park high line which has approximately 0 bathrooms.
  15. Static
    White chocolate raspberry cake