1. The unwarranted dick pic: this one comes out of nowhere. It's like one moment he's asking you where you grew up and the next moment he's like, "want to see my dick" and then there it is.
  2. The unsolicited dick pick: this one is a little more elusive. This one comes from a phone number you don't even have saved. The area code is t even from your county. They may not even speak English, yet there is a picture of their dick at full mast.
  3. Snail Mail Dick Pic: ugh EVERY girl has gotten one of these old school gems. It's when a guy takes a photo of his dick and actually mails it to you. He even goes out and buys postage for it, and stamps are going UP faster than his peepee. Good thing opening other people's mail is against the law, or anyone could be subjected to this surprise !
  4. Hologram peen: you know how scientists made a hologram of tupac?? This is when a guy spends a decade creating a machine that will scan his dick and send a hologram of it to a girl he's trying to impress. If the dick doesn't woo you, the dudes knowledge and innovation of modern technology sure will!
  5. The Actual-Dick Dick Pic- Vincent Van Gogh once chopped off his ear in a desperate attempt to fuck his cousin, and now this guy is cutting of his dick to try and fuck you! What girl HASNT received a severed dick in the mail?? (This one also comes in the mail and postage is a lot so don't be surprised if he asks for reimbursement)