1. Rhetta (@uforettable)
    Treat yo self to one of the best Instagram accounts out there. Following Rhetta is the best because you get everything from red carpet selfies to Live Photos from her parent's guest bedroom.
  2. Aziz Ansari (@azizansari)
    I don't often times use the word swag, but if I had to say that someone had swag it would be Jay-Z but Aziz is definitely a close second!
  3. Aja King (@ajanaomi_king)
    She's on, arguably, the best tv show on cable and she's SO BEAUTIFUL 😍😍 (date me?)
  4. Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson)
    The mother of Beyoncé, why would you not follow?
  5. Oprah (@Oprah)
    Oprah (n): Boss
  6. Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling)
    Mindy K has the funniest photo captions on Instagram! @mindy
  7. Amy Schumer (@amyschumer)
    She's one of the funniest individuals to ever exist and her photos never disappoint.
  8. Warby Barker (@warbybarker)
    Dogs wearing hipster glasses, nuff said.