These are albums I can listen to all the way through without wanting to skip past a single song. [in no particular order]
  1. The Bodyguard Soundtrack. - Whitney Houston
    Whitney at her best. I Will Always Love You. I Have Nothing. Run to You. All classics all on one PERFECT album.
  2. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill -Lauryn Hill
    Lauryn is a master and has always been ahead of her time. I admire her work and this 1999 Album of the Year winner is a classic. It combines so many different genres and is filled with so much soul. If you love good music, you'll love this album.
  3. Songs About Jane -Maroon 5
    I was very late on the Maroon 5 train but once I heard this album I was HOOKED.
  4. Thriller - Michael Jackson
    The KING! This album is flawless. It makes you want to dance, cry, and fall in love.
  5. We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things - Jason Mraz
    The soundtrack to my senior year of high school. So many great memories connected to each song on this album.
  6. College Dropout - Kanye West
    This is the 1st album I ever bought. I was in 6th grade and that year I became the biggest Kanye fan ever! I still have the actual cd I bought all those years ago.
  7. Graduation - Kanye West
    Currently listening to this album right now. It will NEVER get old. Every track is 🔥