I start a lot of sentences by saying "I'm all about *insert something random and or strange*" So I decided to make a list of things I'm all about.
  1. Songs with horns
    If a trumpet plays, the song is automatically MY JAM.
  2. Pedestrians that walk across the street quickly.
    You don't own the street and just because you know I won't hit you doesn't mean you should take your time.
  3. Tacos
    Love em.
  4. Romantic Comedies
    Who doesn't like a good rom-com?
  5. French fries.
    I want fries ALL DAY....ERRDAY
  6. Tacky Christmas sweaters.
  7. Stand up comedians
  8. Harry Potter movie marathons
    Shoutout to ABC Family
  9. Fun 1st Dances at weddings.
    Because no one actually wants to watch the bride and groom slow dance.