1. Story of my life. Said to me by so many people, on an almost daily basis. Despite my protestations ("I'm mulling!"), Luther knows what time it is.
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  2. Sent to me by a friend. I so enjoyed seeing my nickname that I kept this, even though the second line, cut here for sizing reasons ("You're screwing up my story, you big brown cunt!"), is a wee bit hurtfully on the nose.
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  3. Sam gets me. For a happy-go-lucky person, I actually find opportunities to use this pretty frequently...
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  4. Ugh, Karen.
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  5. Edison Twins! My enjoyment of this show is undiminished by the fact that, as my brother points out, this could be a picture of me from anytime between 1984-1989. Just showed this picture to my mother, she asked when it was taken...
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