Note: it goes without saying that, had it been a possibility, Wings would have featured prominently on this list.
  1. Blur, Los Angeles, 2015
    The alpha and omega - never thought I would see them live, and it was everything I wanted it to be. Well, a little light on Modern Life is Rubbish, but c'mon, why nitpick? The YouTube of Coffee & TV from this concert is on heavy rotation round these parts.
  2. Beastie Boys, Calgary, 1995
    My first concert. You don't even know how happy I am when someone asks that question, and I can trot that out amongst all the NKOTBs and Corey Harts of my peer group. God, I'm insufferable. No opening act, just two hours of straight-up hits. Led directly to the end of a friendship, still don't care.
  3. Radiohead, BC, 2001
    Road tripped with friends to see them when it became clear they were never coming back to Calgary. An outdoor concert in BC, under threatening skies. Looking up at the thunderclouds during Paranoid Android still ranks as one of my all-time favorite spine-tinglingly beautiful memories.
  4. Sloan, Toronto, 1998
    One of the concerts that formed 4 Nights at the Palais Royale, which is still one of my favorite live albums (oh, don't look at me like that Cheap Trick). This was Sloan at the top of their game, and I say this with the authority of a true Canadian, having seen them in concert 20+ times.
  5. Radiohead, Calgary, 1995
    Sure, they never came back after they really went massive, but, for some reason, Calgary was *always* a stop for them on their early tours, meaning I've seen them live quite a bit. Think this was their last one here, saw them in a small club at the University, just under a hundred people. They came out afterwards to chat with the crowd. Not Thom. Never Thom. He was probably backstage on the phone with their road manager, demanding to know why they were playing this one horse town again...
  6. Whitehorse, Calgary, 2015
    They played in a beautiful concert hall, which made the acoustics on songs like Sweet Disaster out of this world.
  7. Belle & Sebastian, Toronto, 2002
    Great show at the Horseshoe Tavern; they could barely fit everyone on the tiny stage. Notable for featuring just about the most excruciatingly embarrassing audience interaction ever.
  8. Beulah, Toronto, 2001
    Night is the Day Turned Inside Out is a perfect song from a practically perfect album. This show should probably be rated higher...
  9. Blackalicious, Calgary, 2002
    Don't remember much about this one, except we were in the tiny basement of a dodgy club, my feet started bleeding from all the dancing, and walking though the sweat-slicked crowd was like going through a car wash. Amazing.
  10. Arcade Fire, Calgary, 2002
    Would be ranked higher, but I fainted midway through, falling backwards onto a concrete floor. It was a good show, but my overwhelming memory is coming to, not knowing where I was, and panicking when all I saw were a multitude of dark shapes looming down at me, strobes going off above them. Now I know why first responders always shout "give her space! Give her space!" when responding to a fainting victim on TV.