Yeah yeah, talking about it and naming names literally breaks rule #1 of this OPP establishment. Regardless!
  1. Everyone at Club Cheatin'?
    Nah, that's not fair. Maybe some people are just there to support a friend, or they stumbled in as part of an ill-advised bar crawl. Shouldn't *assume* that, just because someone patronizes Club Cheatin', they are necessarily down with OPP. Better to listen to the man himself and take you frame by frame it.
  2. This guy
    Clearly responds 'yeah, you know me!' to Treach's query.
  3. This guy
    Points for enthusiasm! Definitely down with OPP.
  4. These guys
    Every last one.
  5. This guy
    Happily so.
  6. This guy (again)
    Dude. We get it.
  7. This guy
    He's already at the motel, ready and waiting for the OPP.
  8. Not necessarily this girl
    Sure, she's reading O.P.P. magazine, and that's probably a good indicator, but we have to be rigorous here.
  9. Queen Latifah??
    Celebrities: Just Like Us!
  10. This girl
    Well, if Queen Latifah is down, why not?
  11. Pepa!
    The ladies at Club Cheatin' are amazing!
  12. Shit - not Pepa?
    Great. I've literally thought this was Pepa for 25 years, but a quick google search of Pepa's dental history, besides being the most esoteric thing I've googled in the past wee while, also shows me she had no such adorably gap-toothed grin. Or is that a cap? The plot thickens! Regardless, Pepa/Pepa's doppelgänger? Totally down with OPP.
  13. The man himself
    Damn skippy he's with it.
  14. This guy
    This face is the epitome of a dude that's down with OPP
  15. This guy
    Everyone gets a lot more enthusiastic about OPP towards the end of the video. That's the magic of music, baby!
  16. Huh. Maybe this guy?
    Listen to the song, guy! Embrace your choice!
  17. This whole party
    Damn - it *is* all of Club Cheatin' after all. Maybe they make you sign a waiver at the door?