Yeah yeah, talking about it and naming names literally breaks rule #1 of this OPP establishment. Regardless!
  1. Everyone at Club Cheatin'?
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    Nah, that's not fair. Maybe some people are just there to support a friend, or they stumbled in as part of an ill-advised bar crawl. Shouldn't *assume* that, just because someone patronizes Club Cheatin', they are necessarily down with OPP. Better to listen to the man himself and take you frame by frame it.
  2. This guy
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    Clearly responds 'yeah, you know me!' to Treach's query.
  3. This guy
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    Points for enthusiasm! Definitely down with OPP.
  4. These guys
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    Every last one.
  5. This guy
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    Happily so.
  6. This guy (again)
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    Dude. We get it.
  7. This guy
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    He's already at the motel, ready and waiting for the OPP.
  8. Not necessarily this girl
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    Sure, she's reading O.P.P. magazine, and that's probably a good indicator, but we have to be rigorous here.
  9. Queen Latifah??
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    Celebrities: Just Like Us!
  10. This girl
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    Well, if Queen Latifah is down, why not?
  11. Pepa!
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    The ladies at Club Cheatin' are amazing!
  12. Shit - not Pepa?
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    Great. I've literally thought this was Pepa for 25 years, but a quick google search of Pepa's dental history, besides being the most esoteric thing I've googled in the past wee while, also shows me she had no such adorably gap-toothed grin. Or is that a cap? The plot thickens! Regardless, Pepa/Pepa's doppelgänger? Totally down with OPP.
  13. The man himself
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    Damn skippy he's with it.
  14. This guy
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    This face is the epitome of a dude that's down with OPP
  15. This guy
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    Everyone gets a lot more enthusiastic about OPP towards the end of the video. That's the magic of music, baby!
  16. Huh. Maybe this guy?
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    Listen to the song, guy! Embrace your choice!
  17. This whole party
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    Damn - it *is* all of Club Cheatin' after all. Maybe they make you sign a waiver at the door?