I'm a pretty outgoing guy, I drink Bud Lights and have been snowboarding twice, so I know a good time. But there are certain group traditions that force you to go against your own moral fiber so you don't look like the curmudgeon of the group. It is the Catch-22 of life.
  1. Sporting event chants
    Screaming things in unison like "that team stinks" or a sing-a-long like "Sweet Caroline."
  2. Singing ironic songs at a bar
    Journey, Bon Jovi, a Journey/Bon Jovi mashup "Bon Journey", it's always awful.
  3. Clapping at the end of a plane ride.
    Unless you are clapping for the Southwest flight attendants hilarious 10 minute set she does at the beginning of the flight, applause are unacceptable.
  4. Choreographed dances at weddings.
    The Electric Slide, the Macarena, etc... People "letting loose and having a fun night" it's gross. Sit at the back of the wedding and be angry like me.
  5. Going line for line with coworkers quoting some comedy you liked 7 years ago.
    Anchorman, Old School, pretty much anything with Will Ferrell. Office Space, Borat, any excuse for your dullard coworkers to butcher a line from a 2004 movie. It needs to stop. If you don't participate they accuse you of not seeing the movie. What a nightmare.
  6. The entire cafeteria chanting "boo" when someone drops their tray at lunch in junior high.
    This ones pretty much unavoidable, you have to boo or you will be labeled a loser and soon the boo will turn to you.