I had an Uber driver that started the ride by giving me a high five and saying "GAME OF THRONES, am I fucking right?!" So I just said yeah I love it. He proceeded to ask me questions about the show for the next 20 minutes no matter how hard I tried to change the subject. I was too afraid to say I lied.
  1. Do you think they will end up making a movie after the poor Entourage box office sales?
  2. Can you believe how many boobs are on that show?
  3. Did you ever see Peter Dinklage in "Tiptoes"?
  4. That Whitewalkers episode was unreal.
  5. I actually had a friend that worked on "How to Train Your Dragon."
  6. Fallon did a great bit with Jon Snow.
  7. I'm kind of pissed they stopped following the books honestly.
  8. I can't fucking wait for the finale.