From 2004-2006 I was Chuck E. Cheese. The manager there told me I was the first person to ever apply for that job, usually they just forced a disgruntled employee to do it.
  1. When the children would see a piece of my skin they would scream "he's a fake" and jump on me.
  2. I was getting paid $5.15 an hour.
  3. I wasn't allowed to speak as Chuck E. so I would make a hand motion like I had a sore throat.
  4. My first day on the job the other Chuck E. Cheese said he wanted to beat the record for longest time in the suit. He hit 2 hours and it was drenched in sweat when I put the costume on.
  5. They asked me to clean shit out of the ball pit after I just put on a fantastic show for Mikey's 8th birthday.
  6. They had the Kidz Bop version of Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" on a loop for the entire 2 years I was there.
  7. One of the chefs called me a pussy for not liking Daddy Yankee. In retrospect he was right, I was a pussy for that.
  8. They paid me $5.15 an hour.