1. Candy from Strangers
    We teach our kids NOT to talk to strangers! Not to accept candy from strangers. Yet one night a year, go knock on doors and ask for treats! #fail
  2. Costumes
    Unless you want to buy chesp plastic costumes, the pressure to create the most unique kid costume is enough to make any parent drink! Especially those of us who can't sew! #fail
  3. Pumpkins
    We all know real pumpkins are only good for roasting the seeds! Canned pumpkin is just easier.
  4. Haunted houses
    It's like witnessing a mass murder! #fail
  5. Pumpkin patches
    They're only good for cute kid photos. Unless you like spending $50 on a pumpkin!
  6. Corn Mazes
    If you've ever watched the movie, Children of the Corn, then you'll get it!
  7. Spider Webs
    Just no. Real or fake!